This simple but very effective tool can be used to assist both your SEO and Social Media because this clever tool combines both!


By doing regular posts on your Google My Business Page, you reap the benefit from Google recognising you as a credible business and greatly assist business with local traffic.


Google My Business Posts, are now able to be linked through to your Facebook feed, Twitter & Instagram page. So, one Google My Business post is posted to 4 platforms! If you sell a product or service locally or if you have a timely update to communicate, this platform is perfect for your business. Be found online!


How much time is needed to do this you ask? Very little of your time, as we create content for you. We do need approximately 1 hour of your time/month for collaboration and approval of the content we create, but once signed off we do the rest.


  • Be found on Google Maps & mobile devices
  • Display opening hours
  • Display contact details
  • Allow customers to upload images
  • Receive reviews from your customers
  • Monitor results via your dashboard
  • Post regular updates


Google My Business posts are an additional feature to this already powerful tool that allows you to post updates, special offers, an event or any other timely news. If you are a business that sells your service or product locally you need to start doing posts! We can save you a lot of time by doing the posts for you. We take care of the content so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.


Another very powerful feature of the Google My Business page is the “Reviews” feature. Reviews are worth their weight in gold and we help you gain reviews from your customers, manage them, and respond to the occasional negative reviews that you may receive from time to time. It is a public forum, so your actions and reactions online are very important and we can assist you.


How much you ask?  For a monthly fee of $395 you will have 4-5 pieces of static content created and distributed each month. That equates to content posted 16-20 times each month across your Google My Business page and social platforms. This is in addition to managing your reviews.


Call today and we can send you a simple form to fill in to get the ball rolling for content creation. It’s very simple but very effective.