How to Win with Content, not Cash

“You’re So Vain” was a great song for Carly Simon but vanity isn’t such a big hit in business….and you need to understand what ‘vanity’ is and how to replace it with something far more productive – and profitable. Content is the reality from which all else flows. Use it wisely and you’ll like the music it makes.

Getting the content and distribution right

Trifectas offer a healthy return at the races but too often marketing your business can be an expensive gamble. You can get a bigger, risk-free return if you implement three basic ideas. Three ideas guaranteed to grow business – and profit!

How to Beat Time Pressures

Time is rarely the problem. What’s important is how we use it and how to maximise the results of our endeavours. There’s plenty of time in every day to do what needs to be done…but let me explain how to get the most out of it.

Adding value and suggestive selling

Business is no longer simply about providing a service. You must add value and to do that you need to understand the concept and how to adapt your marketing in a way that costs less… and grows profits.