Your Business Must Stand For Something Other Than Making Profit.

Ethics and values are priceless..and can certainly add to the bottom line as well. Without them you’re a rudderless ship - with them everything is possible. It is of fundamental importance that our value set applies equally at home or work. We are, after all, the same person in different environments. Consistency is important and makes life in all situations much easier. Let me expand on this a little. I have lots of passions. Obviously, quality time with my family is essential, but I also love music and travel and try to include them in all areas of my life. I’m the same at work as I am at home - it’s just a different aspect of who I am. Communication is central to this ..with your husband/wife, children and colleagues at work. Because if I’m into flexibility and travel, then I must respect that others have their own passions and priorities. So I have to create and facilitate a situation that gives those around me room to do the things they love and enjoy. For some, that might be picking the children up from school. Whilst others have a bucket list that reflects their priorities. I know I do. In fact, my rule is to tick off three a year and I encourage my team to do likewise. More than that, we hold each other accountable for making it happen. In any business the journey is really important. It can be a volatile ride a times and, when things are going wrong, you need to have people around you with a shared set of values and ethics so that you can agree on the same core decisions. This applies in all aspects of the business. For instance, I know our management team would rather take a pay cut than see somebody lose their job and not be able to pay their mortgage. Being true to those values applies equally in our dealings with clients and with employees. You must be very clear about articulating your value set so that we understand each other from the start. If they aren’t aligned than it really doesn’t matter how much value a person might add to the business or how many millions a product might make, I’m not interested. When you hit conflicts (and that really is when not if) you can go back to those core values and, if people aren’t living or acting by the ethics and values you’ve agreed on, you can have a conversation along the lines of: are our values still aligned, or do we have to part ways? One of my favourite sayings is: “Fail Quickly” If I find that people say their ethics are one thing but, when it comes down to it, they’re something else I’m very quick to walk away and I don’t care about the money or asset I might lose. Because if the ethics aren’t right then, in the end, the business is unsustainable. If you’d like to talk more about any of this please contact me through one of my social channels. It’s great to share ideas with people all around the world. All the best in the meantime. Tamara