How to get on the front page – and increase clicks

CONTENT 2 CONVERT Tamara Loehr explains:

Today I’d like to talk with you about how to get a “nine times” click-through rate when you appear on the first page of Google. As you know, one of my favourite sayings is “likes are vanity, content is sanity...and conversion is king.” But what about clicks? It’s essential that, when someone clicks through to your business, your landing page has great value and good conversion. Assuming this is in place, what we want to do is increase the number of clicks you get to that page so that you can convert.

It works like this:

If you appear on the front page of Google once, you basically get a one-times click-through rate. If you appear twice, you get a 3.1 times click-through rate, but...if you appear three times (or more) it goes up to a whopping nine times click through rate! So, why is this? Obviously, the perception is that you are a leader in your field or you show up multiple times and, of course, you’ve kicked off two of your competitors by taking their spot on the front page.

How do we do it?

This is the trifecta. It’s really important that you have a mix of paid advertising, a Google organic strategy and social media that’s very active. If you have all three of these covered, you have a much higher rate of getting on the front page and appearing multiple times. Let’s look at the example of a small, services-based business. Three ways you can show up on that front page would be a Google My Business placement, a Google ad and an organic reach. So... appearing three times. Personally, I’m into product so what I always aim to have are: a Google ad, Google Shopping (instead of Google My Business) and then I have my organic rankings with video content through YouTube (and other channels), reviews from third parties and my own content. I aim to appear between three and five times (at least) on the homepage in order to maximise that nine times click-through. The challenge is to not only get onto the front page.. but to appear three times on the homepage of Google. This will achieve the nine times factor.   Should you want assistance with your strategy I can certainly help.