How to Beat Time Pressures

How To Beat Time Pressures

Tamara Loehr - How to Beat Time Pressures   Time is rarely the problem. What’s important is how we use it and how to maximise the results of our endeavours. There’s plenty of time in every day to do what needs to be done...but let me explain how to get the most out of it.   As a director of multiple business, I totally understand time pressures. I talk about marketing in many parts of the world and always make the point that we need to be creating regular quality content and consistently distributing it online. People often ask me how I find the time to do it all.   Activity equals outcomes.   There’s a very smart way to achieve this! I tend to look inside my business for experts. I want them to talk passionately and in depth about their area of expertise. We then take that one piece of content, give it spokes and pretty much saturate the Internet so that we can be found on all kinds of channels....and this is across video, podcasts, press releases and LinkedIn.   People are invariably producing good content but are often only giving it one purpose.   As Start ups and small businesses we need to get smarter to achieve saturation by partnering with a distribution company that knows where to put your content so that your potential customers can find it and generate more leads for your business.   This works for all businesses, including professional service firms - those not selling a physical product. For example, a couple of years ago a good friend of mine who has an HR consultancy business decided to tackle this head on. She creates content every day and it’s part of the KPIs of her team.   It only takes 15 minutes a day but she then circulates that through relevant channels with a great distribution strategy. Since then she’s been sort out as a regular guest on TV shows as a HR expert and is regularly has featured in media as well.   She is now recognised as THE online HR expert in Australia. Significantly, 40% of her leads are a direct result of those 15 minutes of activity across her small team. She does it every day and then strategically distributes it through the various channels to where her customers are.   Distribution is obviously the key in all of this. If you’re going to spend the time producing the content, it makes sense to partner with someone who specialises in distribution and can saturate the Internet so that increase your rankings on google searches.   If you position yourself according to the E.A.T strategy - the Experts, Authority, and Trusted - you’ll generate leads without needing to spend $20 a click trying to win them off competitors.   Once you get the system in place, the rest flows easily...and online becomes a steady, profitable lead source for your company.