Getting The Content And Distribution Right

Tamara Loehr on: Getting the content and distribution right Trifectas offer a healthy return at the races but too often marketing your business can be an expensive gamble. You can get a bigger, risk-free return if you implement three basic ideas. Three ideas guaranteed to grow business - and profit! I’m often asked about the respective merits of outsourcing, off-shoring and hiring internal millennials to optimise marketing outcomes. It’s an interesting debate and one I’ve had all over the world with different entrepreneurs but I don’t think there’s a definitive answer, other than… It’s important to get the strategy right! Graduates are sometimes set up to fail because they are not given clear strategy. I have run a marketing agency for 20 years and we had people in-house who were expertise in journalism, PR, branding and photography so to think one person can come in and cover all those roles is probably not the best approach. But I understand the point. I wouldn’t want to pay copious amounts of money to a marketing agency to produce my content either so, over the years, I’ve been recommending that people outsource content distribution but look to people internally who can produce your content, which means it’s being produced at a much lower cost. Outsourcing the distribution to a third party will ensure that your content (whether it’s a service or a product) will be found everywhere your potential customers are online. Off-shoring and outsourcing have a place but nobody knows your business like you do so explain what you do well. I utilise offshoring for things like video editing and doing the grunt work but the best option you can have is to start with a clear strategy i- know what your messaging is, how you want to be positioned and what pain points you solve for potential new customers. Figure those three things out first and then let your marketing graduate organise the content (internally) and then partner with someone to do the distribution. So to enforce: 1. Pay and agency or marketing expert to define your strategy 2. Produce your content internally from your expertise 3. Partner with an online content distributor to spread the word We’re all out there saying we provide the best service and that’s pinned upon the people inside our companies who create it, so I feel the best way to sell a service or product is to be transparent and authentic. It only takes a few minutes. I usually get my various experts to talk on their area of expertise for about 10 or 15 minutes and then use that content to create videos, podcasts and articles. It’s easy to do. My food technologist, for example, from inside the food business could talk about how to achieve low carb, low sugar meals that taste great. Someone from my hair care company talks about the various ways to air-dry your tresses. Experts talking passionately about things they really know. You then distribute the material through relevant channels online so that you’re positioned as the expert. It’s all about adding value first and then suggestive selling. Try it!