Sweat and Equity

Don’t Sweat It…Sweat Equity It

Don’t sweat it...Sweat Equity it. A combination of factors has created an environment and opportunity to put your skills and experience to use in a highly profitable and productive way.   There are two things happening around the world that provide enormous opportunities to leverage your experience and talent.   First, Incubators are opening up everywhere and that’s exciting stuff for start-ups. Incubator centres increase the number of small businesses and the level of entrepreneurship. But, secondly, I’m finding that as an investor there’s a gap because most private equity firms and venture capital funds are writing much bigger cheques. That means there’s a lack of capital in Australia and small businesses are finding it hard to get access to it.   Given that scarcity they are increasingly relying on “the Fs” (Friends, family and fools) to invest in their businesses and that led me to think that there must be a better way. And there is.   The answer is...Sweat Equity!   I first heard about this concept five years ago and was immediately attracted to it. Basically, it involves investing in a business through your time or expertise rather than using your capital.   In most cases businesses need more than just cash. We all burn a lot of money and time over the years making mistakes and learning better ways to do things. We can then apply that experience and knowledge in a mentoring type role and take equity in the business in return.   It’s a no win/no fee situation ...with huge potential advantages for all involved.   Let me give an example from my own experience.   I started out in marketing and ran a marketing business for 20 years. In that capacity I worked with all kinds of businesses and I learned how to grow them successfully. My speciality is in online and generating content online creating a community that is loyal, that refers ...and doesn’t cost a fortune in paid advertising.   So I’m now able to take twenty years experience of growing big name brands and deploy those same skills to businesses I invest in through Sweat Equity...and help them grow as well.   It’s a wonderful concept - and really works.   Contact me through any of my social channels if you’d like talk more about any of this and how you can use your skills and experience in a way that’s profitable and enjoyable for you...and of huge benefit to those businesses in which you invest...with your Sweat Equity.   All the best in the meantime.   Tamara